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My Creature crew

My Creature crew

Ahsanul Haque Ramim
by Ramimthefist on 16 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi,I'm Ramim, a self taught artist.I do little character creation.I wana study character art and wanna work in the game industry when I'm a little bit older.I've been practicing character art for 9-10months now and I'm excited to level up my skills more and more.Anyhow these are some pieces I'm really proud of.

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This is my latest work, A multiple eyed monster.He can see in day light with his left eye and can see through Darkness with the tri-eyes. He's friendly and at the same time so dark in nature,He'll help you in light and will eat you in dark.

A samurai Kid

A mixer of cultures. Japanese didn't use those type of breast plates nor chain mails,and the legendary Katana can't cut these type of chainmail and armor.Katana is made for flesh! This kid has made an awesome combination of armor with japan and western culture.(Katana won't hurt this kid!haha)

Armors and Weapon

The Data Robot

They are the data robot. They can't do anything.They just collect and stores data. can hack through any electrical device which is connected to net.If they have an uprising than oh boy Human will be doomed!

Arachne/Spider girl

She can't believe herself.Her change of body,she cannot accept that!

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