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Reed Yerien Compositing Reel 2021

Reed Yerien Compositing Reel 2021

Reed Yerien
by Reed on 18 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

All Progress takes place outside your comfort zone. M. J. Bobak

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This is a result of many hours of determination, research and the adoption of lifelong learning. The biggest lesson to come out of my journey is to pick the right mentors although sometimes they pick you and to always back yourself.

This shot was a massive challenge, prepping the shot took a bit of time as the lighting in the greenscreen was very uneven. The additional onset light that was flashing to simulate muzzle flashes made it extra challenging. The biggest lesson from this shot was how to grade your edges properly to match the plate.

This was my first projection shot, I learned the importance of getting the correct distance of each element in relation to the camera. Doing this ensures that the parallax you get from your camera move is correct.

Whether you love it or hate it, roto is one of the fundamental skillsets you have to have a compositor. There are a ton of techniques out there that can really help speed up your workflow.

This shot was a lot of fun, finding sections in the footage to patch up the plate to make all the people disappear was a treasure hunt, it was time-consuming but nothing compared to having to reconstruct the walls of the building (far left and right) as there was very little data from the original plate I could use. Every time I looked at this shot there was always something else I could add to breathe back a little bit of life into it to not make it look like such a static shot.

This CG integration taught me the importance of colour grading your elements to make them sit in the plate correctly. There are many techniques I learned from comparing the brightest area using the gamma, to matching your colours using the TMI system. The biggest lesson is finding the right balance between colour correction and not destroying all the work that the lighter has done before you.

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