Eleanor Kirkwood - 2D Animation Portfolio

Eleanor Kirkwood - 2D Animation Portfolio

Eleanor Kirkwood
by eleanorkirkwood on 27 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hey there! This is a compilation of my current 2D animation work - including my showreel and process videos.

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Hey There!

I'm Eleanor! I'm a 2D animator, illustrator, and concept artist based in Australia! The following work is a mix of personal projects and pieces I completed while studying at CDW Studios / Flinders University. I work primarily in Toon Boom Harmony and use both hand-drawn and rigged animation.


The following is my current showreel as of May 2021. All of the animation work shown was created in Toon Boom Harmony.


This is a small experimental piece featuring Cornflakes, a character of mine. This was initially an animation test for the character and later evolved into an experiment in lighting.

Final Video

Process Video

Bathtime, Mr Fluffles

This was a collaborative student project I worked on in 2021. I was in charge of the scene below. My workload was to finalise the timing of the shot, complete the rough animation and follow through to clean animation. I worked in Toon Boom Harmony and used an adaptation of hand-drawn and cut out animation techniques.

Bathtime, Mr Fluffles was written and directed by Susanne Eknes Selvarajah. The storyboards I worked from were by Jenny Lu and the backgrounds in the final version of the scene were by Nick Yap.

Final Video

Process Video

Space Sheep

Oh to be a sheep floating in space. Spin, spin, spin.

Final Video

Process Video

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