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Mao Mornity
by maomornity on 19 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Did you ever dream of an infinite fall?

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DIVE is my last 3D animation.
It tells a story of a falling body through diverse dreamy environment, from a rooftop to land in the sea. At the end you could understand it's in fact a woman which is dreaming, and awake.
This alegory has been inspired by the overall look of Antibody's productions.

At first this animation hasn't been planed, it poped following a sketch I've made during researches at the end of April, and tooks only two weeks to make from the first idea to the final, making of, and release.

I used all needed tools to work fast, and fit my idea.

- Storyboard and Color Script has been made into Photoshop.
- Main character and statue has been designed with the awesome MB-Labs add-on for Blender.
- Jump and Run animations made with Mixamo. Others by hand.
- First layout made from Kitbash city slums assets and personnal ones.
- Most of the scenes were made and rendered with Blender Eevee.
- Icelandic environment is from World Creator and rendered in Unreal Engine 4.
- The woman in the final shot has been designed in Metahuman Creator, animate and rendered in Unreal Engine 4.
- Several effects were video overlays from Motion Array composited in Blender Eevee as well.
- Final cut and edit in DaVinci Resolve.

Hope you enjoyed the trip. A short glimpse of the making is availlable bellow.

Still images from the final animation, no Youtube player compression.

Grading and editing in DaVinci resolve.

Diva animation inside Unreal Engine 4.26

Diva in Metahuman viewport.

Landscape in Unreal Engine 4.26 viewport.

Video composite inside Blender for the splash part.

Starfield world shader. Everything dynamic, different star size and color, blink animation and cover, movement and gaz clouds.

Concrete shader for the statue, have to clean it a bit. Half procedural and texture base.

Scene 01 viewport in Blender. See the different characters with different animations in the same space.

Woman turn in Blender. MB Lab character creation.

Color script.

Storyboard and indications.

Some doodling when I was thinking of making something with people interact with screens. The fifth sketch leads to make this animation.

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