The Blood in the Leaves

The Blood in the Leaves

by JasmineAtherton on 12 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I created an angel and demon that would fit in the same universe. This project shows my design process and talks about why I included certain things.

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This project shows the progress of my angel and demon design. I wanted to be able to create two characters who fit in the same world. As you progress through you will learn the back story of each character.

This is my first character Agramon. She was cast out when she was young so she has had to fend for herself for many years. Because of this, I wanted to give her tattered and bloody clothes to give an idea of the hardship that she has to endure.

The inspiration for this character came from the Christchurch's amorphophallus titanium also known as the corpse flower. The way that I was able to incorporate this flower into my design is with the chest plate. I felt that this flower would help represent the killer that this character is due to the flower smelling of death.

Another thing that I wanted to do was use a goat skull somewhere in my design; So I decided to incorporate it into the sword. This is due to Lucifer being depicted as a goat throughout history.

This is my second character Oak. They were sent down to earth on a mission to look after the creatures in the forest. I kept his armor light an minimal to allow him to be able to move around quickly while still being protected.

For this character, I wanted to incorporate nature to show that he is a protector but also has lived in the forest for a long time. The way that I did this was by having a lot of his apparel incorporate leaves in some way. This was done by having his armor look like a leaf, his halo being a crown of leaves, and his wings being the colours of leaves in autumn.

One thing that I decided to change in the final design was the horns, I felt as if they made him look more like a demon than an angel. In the end, I am happy with the way that this character turned out. 

Thanks for looking through my work, I hope you enjoyed looking at my characters.

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