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The Environments of Keltic Vermeersch

The Environments of Keltic Vermeersch

Keltic Vermeersch
by kelticvermeersch on 11 Mar 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

In my entry I like to display my Environment work as well as the ability of creating other props such as the world of warcraft weapon. I hope you enjoy these pieces and give it a share!

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Whit this piece I decided to make it based on the concept of Jeremy Fenske called Bazaar. The assets used are from the UE4 marketplace. This was a great practice for my lighting in Unreal engine and I plan on making more of these little scenes.

World of warcraft weapon 'Tusky'

I know this is not a environment, but I want to show it here anyways because this was an amazing practice for the next project on here, "Altar of the gods".  For this work I took the concept of Christopher Hayes. This was an exercise for one of my courses 'Digital sculpting' for Digital arts and entertainment in Howest Kortrijk. After being tough the basics of Zbrush we had Two weeks to create the base mesh and the sculpt of the weapon combined with other courses of course. I found this a really fun exercise learning new things along the way and improving my overall skill.

Alter of the gods

Hey everyone this is my Exam for my course 3D sculpting for DAE at howest. In this assignment we got three random prompts to make a small scene with. Each word was from a certain category, the three category's are, Style, Animal, and Focus Item. The words I got were: Egyptian, Lizard and Scroll.

Bunker 06

I call this level Bunker_06,
thanks to modular modeling I was able to create and decorate rooms at a pretty rapid rate. All assets, environment and light setup were made by me.

2085: The future awaits

Exam for my course level decoration. The point of the assignment was to make a dynamic scene with the knowledge we learned throughout the year
Assets made by:
Myself  and Soul: City

A hermits hole

A 3D scene build in UE4, with real time rendering. the assets are from the Unreal marketplace, as well as some of my own assets.

WOW! you made it to the end!

Thanks for checking out my rookie page, it means a lot to me! if you have any question about how I maybe made something, or did something feel free to ask!

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