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Environment Demo Reel

Environment Demo Reel

Bhavish Seegolam
by beqtzz on 11 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, I'm a self-taught artist, interested in working in the industry when I'm older. Here you can see various projects I've worked on. I hope you like it!

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The Ascent

Battling the cold, climbers set out to conquer the highest peak, taking in the beautiful vista on their journey.

This is a piece that I've worked on for a few weeks. This is my proudest work as from the start of my 3D journey I always wanted to make an environment with gorgeous landscape and mountains. I was also quite pleased with the lighting which took a lot of experimenting and iterations to get right. 

 Responsible for all aspects except boat and tree models.

- Boat from I remodelled some parts and cleaned it a bit in Blender and then adjusted textures in Substance Painter to make it fit the scene. 

-Trees from which I also retextured.

Some experimentation with the lighting and overall feel. Also trying different compositions.

I used fog cards to bring out my foreground, midground and background which was quite was an easy way to build depth without adding too much to the render time. 


A dieselpunk inspired vehicle.

This was a lot of fun to make as I built everything (except the cactus) from scratch. The vehicle concept creation and texturing was a pleasure to do. Decals helped a lot to add details without the additional geometry.

Experimenting with a red variant. This was the first vehicle I ever did, so it was quite an experience figuring out how to tackle such a piece.

Life After Humans

Trees evolving to grow underwater following climate change

This was quite a challenging piece as the tree is not a generic one but rather very curvy. This was important as it not only added to the final look but also showcased some sort of evolution. This was further added upon by the creeping vines.

The Peaceful Life

Spending time alone in a place far from society

Created after following an environment course by Rob Tuytel. I wanted to add more to what the course covered by adding details that were left out.

Karambit Knife

Recreation to practice hard-surface skills.

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