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3D Environments by Inias Schoutteet

3D Environments by Inias Schoutteet

Inias Schoutteet
by inias on 21 Apr 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Thanks for viewing my entry! Showcased underneath you can find some my environments that were made over the past year. During the creation of these environments I focused on creating the materials procedural with Substance Designer whilst honing my skills in lighting, composition and overall level design.

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The great halls of Erebor

This UE4 Scene is based on the throne room inside the Lonely Mountain from the Lord of the Rings franchise. The entire scene is not 100% accurate due to the lack of references of those certain spots. 

Archvis - Guerrero house

This UE4 scene was based on a concept of GUERRERO HOUSE BY ALBERTO CAMPO BAEZA. During this project I focused on lighting, atmosphere and most importantly mimicking the materials in Substance.

HRM-Beluga Cargo Ship

Her Royal Majesty's Beluge Cargo Ship, this ship has one and only one job. Roam the galaxy in search of magnificent alien species. Capture them. And bring them back to earth. During this project, I focused on making modular assets in order to make an entire sci-fi scene that turned into a small game.

Procedural Human skin materials

This Project is other than the environment pieces showcased above, but I've put a lot of effort and time into this one so I thought it'd be worth the mention. For my graduation work I created multiple skin materials in Substance designer based on a few microscopic aspects. This visualization is supported with a real time simulation in UE4 that adjusts based on the Users distance to the model.

I hope you liked some of the work presented! C&C is always welcome and greatly appreciated. 

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