Urban Architecture

Urban Architecture

by Idaarchviz on 12 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A new building that's going to be built in Bellevue, Seattle. Every student had the chance to decide camera angles and concept to make unique images of the same building.

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Urban Architecture

This project was given to us students in groups, representing different studios. In my studio we were 5 different students, that was going to make as uniq images as possible. We received pdf's with information such as materials, images of site, model of the city in Rhino as well as an model of the house.  And general information the architects had decided on. 

Our goal with this project was to gather all the information about the building , clean up the Rhino scene,  and make an visualization out of it in 3Ds Max using a render software of our choice. I made my image with Vray. 

First Draft, Camera Angles

Had a meeting with my studio and a teacher, to decide which camera angles us students should work with. In my case we decided to go with number one, but to change the format a bit so the whole corner of bricks in the top left corner will be seen. 

Second Draft, Concept

After a bit of research in the area (Bellevue, Seattle) I found the perfect concept! The red ribbon that already existed in the model, would be a great match for my concept: Bellevue Strawberry Festival. A festival that is located a few blocks away, which makes the people in my image in a movement to/from the festival. 

In the end it was quite hard finding "strawberry people" in general, but especially in the right light, perspective and resolution I wanted. It has been a lot of color corrections and twists to make it work!

The result

I'm quite happy with the result. I like the details such as lamps and curtains indoor, as well as the balloon (top left of the ribbon) that should have been with the strawberry dressed people down on the ground. And the person photographing the car. I'd like the viewer to search and find these different stories.

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