Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi

Nikolas Alvaryo
by NikolasAlv on 6 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This project has been sitting around in my hard drive for a while. Finished it around the end of 2020. ​There's a certain affection and love in me to the craft for a well-thought idea or story. In this particular Idea, I was struck by this manga called "Vagabond" written and illustrated by Takehiko Inoue.

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More dramatic lighting scenario that I thought is pretty cool.

These are the references I use for the project.

The first one is to get the whole general feel and Idea of the thing I'm creating. Some of them are useful for constructing the face.

The second one is the whole general feel/ Idea


One of the new workflows I adopt is using Zwrap to transfer texture to the model so I don't have to texture the whole entire face.

XYZ Texture did an excellent job explaining this process in the article "Killer workflow using XYZ textures and Zwrap" and their youtube video too.

After texturing the displacement I brought it back to Zbrush and refine the details even further

Substance Designer and material building

In this Particular project, I was determined to make the material and the texture on the clothes fully procedural.

I wanted to find out what Substance Designer has to offer as a program.

I'd say I love to learn more about it and I have still a lot of room to grow!

I also would consider myself liking nodes and material building. After reaching a certain understanding of how it works and the potential it has.

Material building in Arnold/Maya.

Blending 2 different materials. Dirt and fabric.

Didn't use displacement since the scene is already too heavy for me to render 1 frame (20 minutes-ish using Arnold GPU with 2080 ti, with reasonable AA and adaptive sampling)


 A simple rig that I do for this model.

To avoid keep Xgen being out of place after reposing the model, I decided to just rig the model so the hair follows along with the base.


The hair part was tricky to manage at first but I got used to the workflow. Made some presets for speed up the process.


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