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Online Studio Academy specialized in VFX, Animation, and Game.

Linknetic is the online Studio Academy founded by two dreamers, entrepreneurs, wonder women (we're all superheroes, right?) who have always looked for a place able to teach a profession, not just using the software. This is why they reached, from the very first move, active professionals in the VFX, Animation, and Game industries with a great passion for teaching able to share (besides the most known software used by the big studios) real studios' workflows, problem-solving attitude, professionalism, team-work capacity, resilience, time management, and all the soft skills needed from those very demanding, evolving, and magic industries! Because we think you're a unique talent with specific needs, Linknetic lies on essential fundamentals: one of them is the profiling side, where we can discover together your peculiarities and guide you toward a path that is right for your personality and abilities. For the same reason, we can offer English courses for those who feel a little uncomfortable with the language mainly used by the industry.

Countries: United States

Location: Campus

Industries: Visual Effects Game Design & Development Concept Art & Illustration

Software: DaVinci Resolve Instant Meshes Mari Marvelous Designer Maya Nuke Photoshop Premiere PureRef Substance Painter Unreal Engine

Programs: Certificate

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