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CREAPOLE is a leading French design school that has earned a prestigious reputation for nurturing creative talent applied to industry needs thanks to a unique methodology based upon critical thinking, sociology and marketing. Located in the heart of Paris, CREAPOLE offers education in seven design disciplines : Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Automotive Design, Interior Design, Animation and Luxury. One of the hallmarks of CREAPOLE is its faculty, which comprises accomplished professionals who bring their industry experience and expertise into the classroom. This real-world perspective empowers students to develop practical skills and creative insights making. Furthermore, CREAPOLE encourages a collaborative learning environment, promoting creativity and innovation through cross-disciplinary projects and multicultural experiences. As a result, graduates of CREAPOLE are well-prepared to make their mark in the world of design, whether in established industries or emerging creative fields.

Countries: France

Location: Campus

Industries: 2D Animation 3D Animation Architectural Visualisation Product Visualisation Graphic Design Web Design & Development

Software: Adobe Creative Cloud AutoCAD Blender Rhino Solidworks V-Ray

Programs: Bachelor Masters


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Fashion Design

CREAPOLE’s fashion training naturally covers the practice of styling and pattern making, but also fashion illustration, the history of costumes, accessories, textile work and computer graphics applied to fashion. At the end of the training, you will be able to carry out all the stages of creating a collection. This training prepares you to enter the world of fashion and to be operational in business whether in ready-to-wear, with designers, in haute couture houses, in style offices, as well as in all others peripheral fashion professions, whether in the fields of classic fashion or Active & Street. The Active & Street training is dedicated to creation in sportswear, streetwear, activewear and casualwear, generic names of a vast family whose flagship brands are Adidas, Nike, Rip Curl, Lacoste, G-star and even Evisu to name a few. cite just a few.

Graphic Design

Visual communication and multimedia are everywhere and essential, at the crossroads of graphic design and digital technology. Today every brand, every product, every cultural or musical event, every collector, every celebrity, every film must communicate. Through the WEB, through SMARTPHONE applications, through TELEVISION, through CINEMA but also through communication campaigns POSTERS, through MAGAZINES, FLYERS or through EVENTS, through ADVERTISING or through CLIPS… you create with your writing personal stories and graphic universes that communicate, that make you dream and that make you want.

Product Design

BECOME A CREATIVE PLAYER IN OUR COMPANY: BECOME A PRODUCT DESIGNER. Welcome to a world where your sensitivity, your rigor, your passion for “no limits” will allow you to lead, tomorrow, innovative companies and agencies that are benchmarks. Product Design is present everywhere, on every street corner, in every store you see products whose design was created by your predecessors. It is up to you, tomorrow, this essential reality of putting our quality of life on display.

Transportation Design

Mobility represents one of the challenges of our time. How we respond to them in the years to come will shape the world and societies of the late 21st century. Autonomy, energy, urban mobility, eco-design, innovative and futuristic materials, flying cars and motorcycles are all indications that the mobility industry is experiencing radical changes. Today it has become multiple, multifunction, multi-use and transcultural; the creative is the interpreter of these changes. It works on all vehicles, 2, 3 and 4 wheels, trains, boats, urban transport and other mobility solutions.

Interior Design

DISCOVER THE MAGIC OF SPACE: BECOME AN INTERIOR DESIGNER. Located in the historic heart of Paris, between the Louvre and the Georges Pompidou Center, CREAPOLE welcomes you to its place where Haussmannian architecture and modern architecture translate in situ some of the major dimensions of our teaching.

You will learn to decipher their secrets to better enhance their reinterpretation and cross the bridge of knowledge which links heritage and modernity, with the great aim of moving towards new creative and architectural trends tomorrow. The interior designer is the one who, through his creativity, will create the history of a place, playing with volumes, colors, materials. These 5 years will provide you with the foundations of a profession where technique and creativity will allow you to cross the lines drawn by your peers to create your own.


CREATOR OF THE VIRTUAL: BECOME A DIRECTOR OF ANIMATED FILMS. A simple drawing can be the start of a fantastic epic. By learning from seasoned professionals in the Entertainment sector , you will master all the technical and artistic know-how that will allow you to create without limits. Concept Art, Modeling, Animation at CREAPOLE, we teach you all the steps to turn your ideas into the successful films and series of tomorrow. By working on concrete cases of studying stories and game universes, you will learn to develop all of your creative abilities, design new characters, create unique environments and new ecosystems never before imagined, implement movements your drawings and bring your ideas to life, to tell your stories.

Luxury Design

Questions linked to the environment, ecology, ethics and the responsibility of each person are at the heart of the debates. The desire for personalization and the affirmation of diversity are becoming a necessity, endangering the mass market. Humans are questioning themselves more than ever about their place in this world, their impact on their peers and their environment. New generations clearly express the urgency and desire to consume differentlly. In these circumstances, Art, Design and New Luxury must come together to provide answers in line with the times. The student will then develop knowledge, skills and technical and artistic know-how to become a creator engaged in this new era. The Art Design and New Luxury sector trains students with this in mind, encouraging them to develop their identity, by confronting them with both multiple modes of visual expression and methods of analysis to meet the expectations of these new consumers. actors.

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