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50% Employment Rate

The Premier Online Virtual Production (And Games) School

Level up your career with our exclusively live training sessions featuring world-renowned industry professionals and mentors. Our team comprises of five Unreal Authorized Instructors specializing in two distinct verticals. Additionally, we offer private training and consulting services tailored to the specific needs of businesses and educational institutions.

Countries: Canada United States

Location: Online

Industries: 3D Animation Visual Effects Game Design & Development Architectural Visualisation Product Visualisation Immersive Media

Software: Blender Houdini

Programs: Short Course

Certifications: Unreal Authorized Training Center


Ian Hill
Hoyt Dwyer


Professional Unreal Engine Training

A LIVE 8-week immersive course into Virtual Production, World Building, Animation, and beyond — Perfect for both beginners and intermediates! From Dream to Screen: Transform your ideas into stunning visuals!

The Unreal Engine VIP Experience

Ignite Your Virtual Production Skills with our LIVE 8-week immersive course, PLUS exclusive 1:1 coaching with Edd Dawson Taylor — here to elevate your creative genius.

ICVFX Tech Artist Course for LED and Green Screen

Sharpen Your Skills and Open New Horizons in Virtual Production Under the Guidance of Industry Veteran Scott Rosekrans, VP Supervisor at Zoic Studios.

Blender Comprehensive

Hungry to learn Blender from industry professionals the right way, and in less time? Blender has graduated from hobbyist to professional 3D software, now being used by major studios and pro artists worldwide. Usage is growing rapidly and it is now the most popular 3D software, with over 12 million downloads in 2020.

World Building in Unreal Engine 5

Fast-track your World Building skills and elevate your career with our LIVE 8-week interactive course, designed to propel your creative passion into limitless possibilities.

Real-Time Environment Art Mastery

The Ultimate 4-Course Mastery Program, where your artistic dreams break the boundaries of reality. Join us on a remarkable journey of learning, discovery, and creation in the Virtual World!

Houdini for Generalists and World Building

World Building, USD, and Unreal Engine - LIVE, online 8-week class. Houdini is the most powerful procedural CG software in the world! Traditionally known as an FX tool it is now a very powerful CG generalist tool and the king of USD. Don’t be left behind, stay cutting edge! The time to have the skills is NOW as it continues to integrate with Unreal Engine and Virtual Production workflows!

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CG Pro
CG Pro

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