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Training in the field of new technologies is essential to progress in today's digital world.

butic is actually the only focused online school simultaneously authorised by leading companies like Autodesk, Adobe, Chaos Group, Itoo Software or Epic Games Unreal Engine, something extremely important in order to get a high quality and certified education recognised around the world. The only constant is change, so training in the field of new technologies is essential to progress in today's digital world, but attending to online remote education (especially when focused on architectural visualisation, immersive media, product design, engineering, animation, etc.) require expensive hardware and software applications and the students and instructors need to buy highly priced hardware and software. Applied in the education sector for the first time, butic offers a high impact global solution that eliminates hardware and software barriers to access high quality technical education. butic's model is enabled by an agreement with butic’s partner "Summus Render" and powered by "IBM Global Services” and "VM Ware”, giving students a cheap professional workstation in the cloud. The new “Simple Education” virtualized platform, relying on the “IBM Watson & Cloud Platform”, allows butic to be the only education proposal world- wide that includes a cheap professional cloud environment that avoids students the need to buy expensive (but anyway limited) hardware.

Countries: Spain

Location: Online Campus

Industries: Architectural Visualisation Immersive Media

Software: Adobe Substance Painter Autodesk 3ds Max Autodesk Maya Revit Unreal Engine V-Ray

Programs: Degree Masters

Certifications: Autodesk Trainer Adobe Certified Trainer Unreal Academic Partner Chaos Authorized Training Center


We cover mainly the next fields: BIM Architecture, BIM Engineering, BIM facility managing, architectural visualization and XR worlds. Our main differences are: just LIVE education, best Campus edTECH, unique virtualized systems that allow us to give any student an “unlimited” workstation in any part of the world and in a real collaborative environment and just authorized training. We do not understand education without the company approval. Only professional instructors sharing their time between production and education, andlinked to the industry.

Here are a few examples courses taught by butic The New School. For full details, please visit their website.

Official Superior Master of Architectural Visualization from Autodesk,Chaos Group and Unreal Engine. MBV

At the end of Level I , the student will have developed all the knowledge and techniques to be able to make still images of the highest level . At the end of Level II , the student will have obtained all the knowledge and techniques necessary to develop high-quality videos .

In parallel to the acquisition of knowledge, the planning , monitoring and execution of the Final Master Project (PFM) will be carried out in such a way that the candidate, at the end of the Higher Master, has an important audiovisual work with which to present himself to both companies of the sector, as well as the most recognized national and international competitions.

Master’s degree in architectural visualization, creation of VR Environments and multi-platform apps from UnrealEngine

The development of technology at the software and hardware level that we have experienced in recent years has led to the entry of Unreal Engine 4 in the real estate and architecture market, which was unthinkable a long time ago, but today, it is possible to represent architectural spaces in a real and credible way . We will be able to provide our scenes with a level of detail and realism never seen before in dynamic rendering engines, making them develop alongside our creative and constructive process.

Candidates who successfully pass the Virtual Reality Master for AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) will have the necessary training to take their architectural projects to the virtual environment, and in this way be able to move freely through them, interact and make modifications in real time. The images and videos generated will not only be the last phase of the project but will also be part of it from the beginning and throughout its development.

Unreal Engine Official VR and Visualization Professional Grade

Our objective is to accompany the student in the process of acquiring technical and aesthetic knowledge that will lead them to be able to compete in the world of audiovisual production, developing architectural visualization projects in real time.

We believe in technique as a fundamental basis for professional development, but not as an objective in itself.

The global learning will be carried out in two training levels, which will take the student on his formative path from the acquisition of the basic knowledge of the most elementary tools, to the development of the most advanced techniques by the hand of thecutting-edge tools in the audiovisual sector. , as is Unreal Engine.

The student will obtain the necessary training to take architectural projects to thevirtual environment, and in this way, to be able to move freely through them, interact and make modifications in real time.

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butic The New School
butic The New School


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