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Old VFX school projects

Mikael Andersson
by mikaelandersson on 4 Feb 2020

These are some of my old school projects from Gscept Skellefteå which never really finished or doesn't reach portfolio level. I am uploading it here as a nice place to present it.

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Update - 4 Feb 2020

Alien invasion
Nicholas Pålsson, David Csavdari and I made this short clip. We filmed the plate using a Red camera and took the shot through the whole VFX pipeline. My main responsibility was to make a Houdini simulation for the crash, mostly to learn more Houdini, and also adjust and fix some of the 3D assets in the scene, as well as Hdri stitching. 

There is obviously some work left to do on it, but it was a good project to learn from :)

Maya FX
I made a walkie-talkie explode in Maya attempting to follow realistic references. I also did some smoke RnD with this, which is the second clip, which is playblasted in the viewport. I was responsible for all aspects.

A Starwars comp assignment. 
We received the original elements and plates and had to comp them together in Nuke. So the Characters, lightning, lightsaber, background, traffic, and room were all separate elements. Anakin was also shot with two takes, and we had to key and merge together different versions of the head, arms, body, and cape.

Motion capture
Unfortunately, I lost a lot of pictures and material. But we got the opportunity to set up a mocap studio, calibrate the cameras, film ourselves in suits and then using Qualisis and MotionBuilder retarget the skeleton rig to a new rig/character. So below is me performing a dance move. 

I've practiced some Houdini terrain creation using various techniques.

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