Cowboy remake

Cowboy remake

Kedi Baron
by kedi on 19 Jan 2020

March 2019. Remaking an old drawing of mine.

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As a first post, I decided to share with you a nice moment in my art journey.

In march 2019, I did a remake of this old drawing of mine from 2013.

I wanted to draw something I finally wasn't able to do at this time. Decided to crop the format for the new one to be sure to pay attention to the rendering.

I was really proud of what I managed to do. I knew I had one of those step in the art journey, my brain and hand finally getting what I want.

I spent the few previous years trying to get 'efficiency' as I was very slow and not efficient by nature.

I started also doing studies. I had a real phobia of studies at artschool, but 10 years later, I managed to get through this :)

I then became quite efficient (still not enough to stop working on this, but enough to be able to concentrate on other things too), so now I concentrate on learning to take the necessary time and polish things.

Art is a journey and we all need to learn a bunch of things. I try to learn things all at once but still focusing on 1 or 2 things in particular.

Hope you all have a nice art journey :)

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