Desert Dungeon Environment

Desert Dungeon Environment

by iby321 on 26 Nov 2019

MA Course Project focused on creating a Dynamic water system exploring different techniques such as Gerstner Waves, Flow Maps, Render targets and many other features. After, Creating the water system i showcased the water systems in the environment above. To see a detailed view of the development of the project please

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Here is a development video demonstrating the flow map system i implemented:

During the development of the environment. I didn't like using the SImple Grass Wind Node as it felt like the foliage was doing some kind of hula dance. I know i could hide it by adding more animation techniques in the material editor but i still wanted to find a different method. I later found Pivot Painter is another way of implementing this. It also produces a very convincing result plus you can change the wind direction. I also added of sine animation to the leaves to push the animation a bit further since leaves were moving like sticks/branches.

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