Stargazing Island - Dev Diary
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Stargazing Island - Dev Diary

Rocky Gabardo Arbigaus
by rocky on 16 Oct 2019

A magical floating island with an observatory. Perfect for Scholars, Wizards, and their Appendices. A 3rd person adventure level design project made to learn more about UE4.

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Update - 28 Jan 2020

Tweaking the sunlight. Had to disable "cast shadows" on the skylight.

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Update - 9 Jan 2020

I added TrueSky plugin, which made a ton of difference.

Update - 13 Dec 2019

Changed the river material and added a particle emitter in the waterfalls (River Water Tool bt James Stone). Rocks now have a waterline using a very simple decal with glossiness, low roughness, a bit of tint and a mask. Fixed the moss on the rocks as well.

Updated the brick building, and added a secondary color on the master material via masking.
Added some vines on the building (From the Modular Seaside Town by Matima Studio)

The telescope has more grunge to it. Also, I added more light to the telescope dome.

Update - 6 Dec 2019

A telescope has been added to the scene. For the textures, I used a trim sheet.

The light was changed, and cloth simulation was added to the windmill.

Update - 28 Nov 2019

Added some localized volumetric fog to create some clouds.

Update - 25 Nov 2019

Adding more verticality. Also, a placeholder for the observatory and the Windmill sections.

Update - 22 Nov 2019

Building kit pieces so far.

Building test to check if all parts fits.

Testing the building parts with a distant camera.

Update - 20 Nov 2019

Working on the building wall modules.

Update - 13 Nov 2019

More grass on the island edges.
Procedural moss on the rocks.

Update - 12 Nov 2019

Testing a new approach for the island base