Redux [Working Title]

Redux [Working Title]

by kero on 24 Sep 2019

With inspirations drawn from Skyrim & Quest64, the goal is to retain & improve upon gameplay fidelity while building a "superior" magic system.

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During the initial phase, a friend suggested that when building a video game it seemed sensible to start with the leading player in the game...
Thus I embarked on a journey to learn as much as possible about 3D modeling as I designed & rigged the main male protagonist from scratch in Blender. 

However, I started developing the skill set of a 3D artist - which was both good and bad, because it meant I was becoming very skilled but needed to take care not to get "lost in the weeds", I still had a game to build. 

From there, I moved over to Unity and began learning my way around the UI, controls, and how to integrate scripting into a scene. 
The subsequent result was a set of terrain tools to help me design & build wondrous environments. 

But, again, I had to keep my goal in sight - to avoid getting lost in the wonder of a new skill...

Next, I started animating - learning the ropes - getting the player to move and act. Breathing life into the being I had wrought. Though I would periodically revisit this throughout other stages, there are few photos of this stage. 

With a player animated to move & jump, and the ability to create environments, I turned my attentions towards the meat of this endeavor. I started designing sorceries...

Tbh, it started with awkward lightning, refined over time until I decided to make it procedurally generated in 3D - for all that entails. 

I had some interesting architectural choices to consider...

From there, I moved on to building the spell that would summon the lightning...

Adding storms & clouds first, then refining on it over time. 

With 2 spells down. The 3rd (out of 50+ intended spells, mind you) proved to be quite involved for many, many reasons. 

But I persisted, endeavoring to refine the flight, capacities, aesthetics, sfx and mechanics. 

Most recently, I've added additional flying animations, a directional Lerp, momentum, air dodge, depth of field, volumetric clouds, collision detection, and I've refactored the sky. Next, I will work on sfx for flight. 
Sadly, none of that is presented here at this moment. But please stay tuned. 
My inevitable goal is to take this to kick starter. 

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