Abandoned Bowling House (Fallout 4 Miami)

Abandoned Bowling House (Fallout 4 Miami)

Gonçalo Silva
by sting on 1 Aug 2019

Work I've done on Fallout Miami. Fallout Miami is a mod for Fallout 4 that takes the player to Miami Beach Florida. This level has all the planning and development, from the idea to the 2D layout, BlockMesh to the final product.

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The 2D Layout I did before I started doing Level. I made some rooms, having found the restriction and concealment of the environment.

After you have done 2D Layout. I created a simple BlockMesh in the Unreal Engine to test the size of the level and correct the rooms.

BlockMesh was done quickly just to test the functionality of the map.

It served me to see the size of the map and the objects I could put on the level.

In this part, I created an open entrance for the player to see the whole room

I tried to create a dark tone at the level and all destroyed and dirty.

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