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Abandoned futuristic airport

Abandoned futuristic airport

Eldwin Xu
by eldwin on 8 Mar 2019

Another environment project that I made in 2 days. The original design is by Zachary Madere. I am a huge fan of his design, therefore, I made it into a 3D environment (and added a little twist of my own). Original post:

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'Abandoned futuristic airport' is a small project that I made to practice my environment design and prop modeling. The original design was from Zachary Madere (full link: I am a huge fan of this design, therefore, I made it in a 3D environment and added a little of my own twist into it.

Throughout this project, I was able to learn much more about Maya's brushes and curves. I was able to understand how to create realistic looking vines efficiently by using curves and make live tool.

Outside of modeling, I was able to study a lot related to lightings. I looked through hundreds of pictures online to figure out how lighting works in both cinematic movies and also in real life. Overall, it was a fun small study project. It took around 2 days to complete.

Full resolution on my portfolio:

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