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Crasher magazine

Crasher magazine

by Samad2000 on 24 May 2024

I created *Crasher*, a street photography magazine. I shot skaters at Palais de Tokyo and République in Paris, and personalities at Balenciaga's Fashion Week. After editing and scanning, I designed the layout to reflect urban energy.

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Description of the project : I created a magazine called *Crasher*, dedicated to street photography. The project began with photographing young skaters at the Skate Palace in Tokyo and the skate park at République, capturing the candid essence of urban life. Additionally, I captured portraits of notable personalities at Balenciaga's Fashion Week. In post-production, I meticulously edited these photos to enhance their visual impact. After editing, I scanned the images to ensure high-quality digital versions.

I then moved on to the layout process, designing each page to create a cohesive and engaging flow. This involved selecting the right typography, thoughtfully arranging images, and ensuring the overall aesthetic aligned with the raw and dynamic nature of street photography. These diverse settings allowed me to explore different facets of urban culture, from the raw energy of street sports to the high fashion scene. The result is a magazine that not only showcases striking street scenes but also tells compelling stories through its visual and design elements, creating a rich visual narrative for *Crasher*.

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