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Shiny Trash

Shiny Trash

Claudia Camila Velazquez Montes de Oca
by Camilmont on 22 May 2024

The project is based on the creation of a world projected a hundred years into the future, in which the main issues that will guide the design of biopolymer looks and accessories will be addressed. By identifying the issues related to textile and fashion design in a given future context, we propose sustainability.

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100 years ago, in 2024, world governments decide that textiles and packaging will no longer be produced due to the lack of fossil fuels to make energy. Instead, solar energy is promoted through panels on houses, allowing each person to generate his or her own electricity.

In this context, each country begins to use its garbage to create different biodegradable textiles, on the condition that they were biodegradable. Biodegradable packaging, made from organic materials, becomes an alternative to traditional waste, as it decomposes naturally over time, leaving minimal waste and reducing the burden on landfills. 

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