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Ana María González - Character and prop artist

Ana María González - Character and prop artist

Ana Gonzalez Garcia
by anitagm on 21 May 2024

Hi there!! My name is Ana and i live in Madrid, Spain. I did a video game degree on UDIT, that lasted 5 years, and a master's degree in 3d character modeling on Voxel School. I have experience with several design and modeling programs that I have been perfecting during these 5 years.

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Hello there! I'm Ana María González, this is my first year participating in The Rookies. I created the following projects during my formation at Voxel School in Madrid, where I did an Advance Master's in Character Artist for AAA Videogames. I hope you all like my models!

Magic Staff - Stilized Prop

I did this prop during my last master in Voxel School. The task was modeling and sculpting a prop in Zbrush. This was not my first time modeling a prop, but I've learned a lot of things I didn't know before.

I made the high and low mesh in Zbrush, after that I made the UVs in 3dsMax and the baking in Marmoset. Next I did the textures in Substance Painter and finally I went back to Marmoset to do a rendering pass.


Sculpting process

The sculpting process of the prop was not too difficult. The most difficult parts are maybe the feather and the skull. 


For the uvs I began with of all of the subtools first subdivision on 3dsMax. I separated everything on UV sets: the stick, the feathers, the skul, the ropes, the leaves and all the accessories.

Bake and textures

I did the bakes in marmoset. Later i made the rest of the maps on substance painter .

Texture Maps (BC - N - ORM - E)

Base Color - Normal - Oclussion - Roughness - Metalness.

Concept Art

I made this magic staff based in the original concept by Lydia Zanotti.

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