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Decoy,Basilisk and extras - Steelsilk Championship Concept art

Decoy,Basilisk and extras - Steelsilk Championship Concept art

Francesco Chiari
by FrancescoChiari and LucaDolcini on 24 May 2024

Here are some of the projects I created for my BigRock thesis, titled "Steelsilk Championship." These works include character development, crafting cinematic scenes, and collaborating with other students to enhance the project's visual and stylistic coherence.

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Decoy is a character I created for my thesis at BigRock, titled "Steelsilk Championship." This action shooter roguelike features miniature insect robots engaged in intense combat. Here, I present some of the initial shapes used in the development of the character.

For this character, I decided to contrast the dynamic and slender features of the robot with Decoy's stability and robustness, creating a unique and interesting design. After exploring various options, I developed several color palettes to find the most suitable one, eventually arriving at the final render.


Another character I developed is the centipede robot, named Basilisk. Initially, I focused on the basic shapes and then refined the design until reaching the final version.

In the following sections, I present detailed studies of the individual components that make up Basilisk, culminating in the character's final render.


In addition to creating these characters, I also worked on a shot for the game's introductory cinematic. Furthermore, I made modifications to two characters created by my colleagues, Luca Dolcini and Elisabeth Maria Coda, enhancing the project's visual and stylistic coherence.

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