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Tommy's Party

Tommy's Party

Judit Carrera
by juditcarcues on 22 May 2024

This is my first Lighting and Compositing project. Made thanks to the mentorships in The Lighting Lab. Animation by Tommy Morrissette, provided by Lupin House. Thank You for passing by, hope you like it :)

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Tommy's Party - Lighting Breakdown

I'm happy to share with you this project that I've been working on for a few weeks.
This April I started the Lighting course in The Lighting Lab along with the mentoring by Iván M. Benítez Sanz. I've been studying 3D for two years and I've always wanted to specialise in Lighting and giving that final touch to a scene, and I think these past weeks has helped me to take that extra step to improve my skills.


After assigning me the shot of Lupin House, we gathered references that could match the mood of the scene. Finally, we decided on a sunset, a golden hour with light pink tones. To dress up the scene, I finally opted to turn it into a party in a rooftop in a big city.
I modeled some assets and change some textures provided by the scene to come up together with the final set.

For the lighting of the character I was mainly inspired by Onward's lighting, based on the three-point lighting scheme.

In my personal experience it has helped me a lot to learn the correct workflow between the lighting in Maya and the compo in Nuke, as well as the little tricks given by the mentor both in the course and in the mentoring.

Compo Breakdown

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