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Cosmosia - The Mechellenic city (3D modular village)

Cosmosia - The Mechellenic city (3D modular village)

by LouisCANOBY on 17 May 2024

In an alternative universe where ancient Greece discovered the steam engine, a flying city was created to study the astral domain: Cosmosia, the Mechellenic city. This 3D modular village project was realized in 3 weeks on Maya.

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I am pleased to present my new 3D project: the modular village exercise.

The goal was to produce in three weeks (one of 2D design then two of 3D) a complete village made in a modular way, which means that it must be able to create it with few elements but very easily reusable.

First of all, there is the conception of the village and the different elements that will compose it.

To create my project, I wanted to be inspired by ancient Greek architecture, while adding a steampunk aspect.

So I created this story:

In a universe parallel to ours, around 500 BC, ancient Greece, then undoubtedly an economic, cultural, military and above all technological power, made a discovery that would change the course of history: the steam engine.

From then on, their technological rise becomes dazzling, embellishing their daily life with machines of all kinds. Eager for knowledge and new knowledge, the Greek people built many spectacular constructions to unlock all the secrets of the world.

Among these, the most impressive of all was to study the stars, so the domain of the gods: Cosmosia, the Mechellenic city.

(The name Cosmosia takes up the sounds of ancient Greek cities and evokes the astral and cosmos domain, and the title "mechellenic city" takes up the words "mechanic" and "hellenic", which is the adjective relative to Greece.)

Then, I made some moodboards to start working.

I then produced some elements that will take place in the city, such as houses, religious buildings (temple and altar), as well as the most important element of the city, the astronomical observatory.

I decided to place the city in a high place, to study the stars at best, but I finally decided that the most interesting would be that the city could move on a flying machine, to explore the four corners of the world.

To avoid falling into the cliché of the steampunk flying boat, I did research of flying platforms.

Finally, here is the final illustration of what I am aiming for my 3D project!

To prepare for the transition to 3D modeling, I organized a list of assets to produce, and I explained how the kit is supposed to work.

Here is finally the moment to switch to 3D!

Here is the realization of the kit of all the elements used to mount the scene.

I used two UV sets for textures, in addition to materials directly on Maya.

And here are finally the final renderings of my Greek / Steampunk city!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to produce plant elements such as trees or ivy, but I added elements such as braziers to bring light to the city.

Here you can see the comparison between 2D and 3D works.

I hope you enjoyed this project, thank you for watching!

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