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The Witch's hut

The Witch's hut

Thomas Bachelier
by ThomasBachelier on 17 May 2024

Hi everyone, Here's my "witch's hut" scene. I've been working on it for just under 2 months. The aim was to work with trimsheets, so I sculpted one for my wood. After that, I created a kit of planks that allowed me to make a modular kit. In Unreal, I used the "lattice" and "boolean" tools to give my house more life.

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I've created a master material that allows me to use vertex painting, RGB Mask, tint, and other positional parameters, notably to desaturate the bottom of my house due to water and humidity.

I found a way to use nanite with vertex painting, but I had to merge the kit I used for my hut. 

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