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Projeect 01  Unreal and Maya (with screen shot

Projeect 01 Unreal and Maya (with screen shot

Teoh Soo Yean
by teohsooyean on 16 May 2024

Projeect 01 Unreal and Maya APP: Unreal Engine , Maya Material :Substanpainter I need learn more light and texture 0-0 -Model do in Maya and try render but my texture and can't come out -Use Maya import in Unreal engine and try to redo the light and put the texture in .

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PRACTICE 01 Unreal Engine and maya 


This picture is  I've been looking at the pictures for a long time, but I just haven't tried it so I'm going to try to get  this time

(i don't have do the character )

In maya when i try to put my texture it can't come out the texture is flat. 

the leaf is find in online 

i try to use maya to import my model  to unreal and try again the texture again to highlight my material.when the texture come out i was so happy ,the texture have the look I want .But the model i need put it back and put new light .

the light i try to do it again but don't have feeling of smoke.and the light i try to do blue a little bit but just floor have 0-0

This is render 

this is no render ,it just screenshot in unreal (i think no render is good ) .

1picture )- have make the directional light  idensity high

2 picture)- don't have make the idensity high

After this project i think need do more practice and try control the light and material

last is screenshot

1)unreal screenshot, (lightput  )

2)maya screenshot,the leaf and grass is use mesh but some leaf i duplicate because it can 't draw some place   ,( camera view ,per view light put )

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