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Valuables of a 17th Century Art Dealer in Antwerp

Valuables of a 17th Century Art Dealer in Antwerp

by Megsmush on 15 May 2024

These three objects are inspired by the narrative of a 17th-century art dealer living in Antwerp. The objects have been rediscovered after travelling the world with this dealer. Water-damaged by sea travel, muddied, dusted and damaged from storage and finally recovered. They sit, a small insight into Baroque life.

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- A miniature cabinet based on luxury baroque cabinets which often held spices and other valuable collectables from across the trading world. A carving of a sea monster adorns the muddy mahogany, framed by the finest peeling red leather.

- A damaged gold frame that once displayed the dealer's favourite artwork. Inspired by frames found in the Cathedral of Antwerp and baroque-inspired games such as Hogwarts Legacy.

-An old family heirloom signet ring inscribed with the date and the symbol of The Guild of Saint Luke (an artists guild in Antwerp symbolised by a bull with wings). Remnants of red wax drip off the sapphire stone, which has a carving of a ship.

Credit for all other objects in the scene goes to Hane Studios on the Unreal Marketplace. 

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