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Kenneth - Production Training 500

Kenneth - Production Training 500

Elizabeth Zyryanova
by elizabethzyryanova on 14 May 2024

A 5 week project during term 5 at Pixl Visn, I wanted to create a digi-double in order to practice sculpting, groom, and texturing

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Meet Kenneth

I created Kenneth's digi-double during term 5 at Pixl Visn, it was a 5 week process from start to finish.
I had stumbled upon his photograph from Jan Banning, and wanted to challenge myself to recreate Kenneth in 3D as best as I could. What caught my attention was the look in his eyes, and the story Jan Banning was telling through a single image. Often times when we as artists create characters or concepts the depth of that character is what is hardest to show in a still capture. Replicating an existing human who had a story and lived a life was in my opinion a great step to capturing that. 

I faced many challenges along the way, this was my second attempt at modeling and texturing human skin, and my first time trying grooming in Houdini. One of the biggest challenges was getting the proportions correct, I had only a single portrait photograph and no side or back views, so Kenneth went through many many itterations along the way. 

And bear with me, as I hurried along to make the 5-week deadline, the paper trail I left behind was not yet to the standards which I can show now. 

All in all - Kenneth was an amazing practice, it was a chance to make mistakes without the fear of failing, and to capture a human into our 3d world

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