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80's Japan 3D asset time capsule

80's Japan 3D asset time capsule

Cody Glazebrook
by codymavis on 13 May 2024

My first attempt at 3D asset creation, with a 'time capsule' theme.

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Japan in the 80's - A 3D asset project!! :)

Finalised render;

The setup I wanted to achieve was a nostalgic look into a child's bedroom, with toys and items relative to the time period. Included is a Tamagotchi, Famicom cartridge with my own design on the front, Kodak fling camera, and retro style tin bento box, to achieve a 'time capsule' like scene. I researched into personal anecdotes from growing up in Japan in the 80's to help with accuracy and ideas, and I think this turned out to be a convincing and accurate render of 3D assets. 


My personal favourite asset from the pieces, was this Tamagotchi design. As my first attempt at 3D modelling and rendering, I'm incredibly proud of this piece. Programmes used in the design were - Maya, for the initial modelling phase. ZBrush, for additional texturing and baking, and finally Adobe Substance painter, for texturing and colour, which really brought the whole piece together.

I tried to keep the designs as accurate as possible throughout creation, using a bunch of references, as well as my own unique design choices, adding my own spin onto the items, which made the project more fun to complete.

For a first attempt at 3D asset production, I'm really proud of this project!! :D

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