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Swamp Boy

Swamp Boy

by simondieudonne on 24 May 2024

charactere design, world building

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The goal on this personal project was to create a group of stylised characters which could be used in animation

I began by creating a moodboard to ensure consistency in my design, and give some informations of the worldbuilding and his abilities.

Then with the use of silhouettes to focus the flow of the character, I used frogs as inspiration to have that agile swamp boy flow in the shapes

Shortly after this i add in some elements. I wanted them to be justified and consistent

To finish, i sorted the few elements that were the most justified while keeping the design easy to distinguish, and I gave him a more assertive render. I add two transformations that will make a good transition into the next characters.

 All heroes have friends, so here they are !

For that moodboard I have focused on their skills and abilties since the main character already give me a good idea of what they would look like.

The challenge on these characters was to make them between goofy and potentially scary.

I invested a lot of time in the phantom effects because I imagine the animation could have great Fx because there are many of them.

For the bad guy, Tlaloc, i used the same workflow as Swamp boy

Just like the ghost, the challenge was in his expressions. He is a gourou so I wanted him to be charismatic but with a inconspicuous crazy look.

This project was just pure fun to me. I really enjoy focusing on the facial expression. Pushing the story beyond my characters always helps me to give them more depth.

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