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3D Styalized Character - Cian

3D Styalized Character - Cian

Valeria Villarreal González
by valkryv on 12 May 2024

For this project, I took an original character of mine, Cian, and sculpted, textured, rigged, and rendered him in 3D. Here you can check out a demo reel that goes more in depth with my process.

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This was one of my final projects for the semester. We had to sculpt, texture and rig a character from scratch. I used this opportunity to do my original character Cian in 3D. I've been illustrating him for a while and since I already had his concept art and design defined, it was easy to start sculpting from the get-go. 

One of the main challenges was nailing the anime-esque style I wanted to portray using the Maya toonshader. All of the textures were handpainted by me in Substance 3D. I studied the way many of my favorite anime style games look so I could use it as a base to try and replicate my own illustration artsyle. It took approximately three and a half months to finish this, that's also taking into account other course work and projects. Overall it was a super fun learning experience.  

Some concept art:

Final renders:

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