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Myrmex and Goblin - Character design studies

Myrmex and Goblin - Character design studies

Luca Dolcini
by FrancescoChiari and LucaDolcini on 20 May 2024

Myrmex and their robot Goblin's character design studies I made during the creation of my thesis at BigRock School, the videogame Steelsilk Championship

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Myrmex and their robot Goblin are two characters I designed for my thesis at BigRock School, the videogame Steelsilk Championship
They are a mysterious child who never show their face, therefore no one knows their gender. Anyway Myrmex is incredibly talented, and such at a young age they became one of the pro builders in IMFL (International Modelling Fighting League), that have the task to test anyone who wants to become a pro builder, unleashing all their robot's might against the contendants.

Final paints made by my good friends Francesco Chiari (Character) and Riccardo Pisani (Robot).


When I started designing Goblin, I researched a lot about the various ant species, and I created multiple shapes where I tried to capture different species in one design, exaggerating specific details, like their abdomen or fangs.
In the end we decided to use a design that would be simply recognized as a regular ant, to make it recognizable even from a distance.

Choosing a color palette wasn't easy. I tried to use mimetic color to make Goblin feel like an actual war machine, and then tried to make it more saturated, to be easily spotted in game. 


Creating Myrmex was kinda easier, because we wanted builders and robots to resemble each other, so I just had to design a character that resembled Goblin. The game is set in the future, so I wanted to give them a cyberpunk and streetwear vibe, while also maintaining their ant details.

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