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Completed Environment For My Game

Completed Environment For My Game

Emily Garred
by emmierosieart on 10 May 2024

This project brings my other posts together and displays the making of the island, incorporating the trees and props, adding the spirits as well as the addition of moving water and a day/ night cycle.

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The Process of making The Wandering Witch

This project shows the environmental props in place on the island landscape which I modelled in Unity for my game project The Wandering Witch.

I made all the environment assets in Maya which can be seen on my other project "Environment Props For My First Game" before importing them and placing them around the island using the paint trees function.

Finally I added a Day to Night cycle (sped up for demo) and an animated water effect.

These images show the initial island model and ground textures of sand, stone, dirt and grass.

For this game I wanted four distinct environments, ocean, mountain, forest and plains to position my spirit enemies. The creation of the spirits can be seen in "Elemental Spirits For My Game Project".

Here I have imported the assets into the environment with the first test looking at grass and scale of elements. Others show a overall view of the completed island.

The final touches for the landscape being a day night cycle and water.

I followed a tutorial by Ketra Games for the day night cycle - "Creating a Day/Night Cycle (Unity Tutorial)" -

and I used the "URP Stylized Water Shader - Proto Series" by BitGem from the Unity Asset Store for the water -

The below videos demonstrate these systems.

Next I created and placed the Spirits. The making of these can be seen in "Elemental Spirits For My Game Project"

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