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Abigail Moreno Esqueda
by Abigail on 9 May 2024

This is a character i did as a final project. I designed the character, model, uvs, bake, textures, rig, animation, render and light.

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Hello! I am a 22 year old student attending the University of Monterrey (UDEM), in this project in which we started working since January, I learned the proper workflow for a character, from the elaboration of a proper moodboard to the final rendering in Maya


Software Used

Marvelous Designer: Jumpsuit design.

ZBrush: Blocking and modeling.

Maya: Retopology, UV’s, Render and Lighning.

Substance 3D Painter: Texturing.

Photoshop: Post effect, lightning/saturation.


I knew i wanted to make a space suit with some tech in it, but not totally covered in armour. I wanted it to have a jumpsuit and some heavy boots, i already have made in the past a helmet for practice and i think "Why not make the rest of the character to go with the punk helmet?".


I designed a basic jumpsuit in Marvelous Design, just to have a better management and control over the folds. Then in zbrush is better to work in refining the folds and adding some more.


Zbrush character modeling turnaround.


Fist time adding retopology to a character.



Before i do the textures in Substance Painter, i like to have an overall look in Maya with Blinn material.

I did all the textures in Adobe 3D Substance Painter. 

Her suit and gear are so worn out from the constant fights she's gotten herself into. 

One day, when all hope was lost, she found an astronaut suit in an old costume shop from a past world, she was amazed by it and since then she has not  improved her equipment, she is a superstitious person and believes that by changing it she will change herself. Loves color pink and blue and dye her suit to match more her personality, as well as hand-paint all her gear. 

She has become so fond of it that she practically never takes it away. 


I then apply the texture in maya using Hypershade and adding remap values on metallness and sometimes in Normal map to have the same look as in Substance Painter.

Render test

I did some render test with the lights applied and a floor to have more information with the lights.



Character pose.

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