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Oh Sludge!

Oh Sludge!

by elinom and marydvd on 12 May 2024

A 2D short film group project presents a chaotic cat-and-mouse chase between a zombie and a cat sludge!

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Oh Sludge, is a 2D animated short film, follows the cat and mouse chase between a cat-sludge creature and a zombie inside a Grunnings Warehorse!

I am the Producer/Director of Oh Sludge!

I'm the Character Designer for our Cat-Sludge Creature!

Our team were willing to look into fluid-physics through a blobby creature.

I created some thumbnails and conceptual drawings to explore how our sludge creature would express itself and move. The team had a lot of debate and discussion over its appearance, the complexity and the fluidity of the character.

The team was discussing the colour options for the sludge. They all agreed that the purple colour palettes were suitable for the sludge's look but also provided a nice contrast with the backgrounds.

I'm also the InBetweener for our short film!

Here's a video I've compiled all the InBetween shots I've done for Oh Sludge:

Hope you had fun watching our short film and seeing my works from this project!

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