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Witch Guns (serie)

Witch Guns (serie)

Amandine Rul
by AmandineRul on 1 May 2024

For this series of firearms, I wanted to work on objects combining armory and magic that could be used by witches of all kinds : rich or poor, popular or aristocratic, basic or sophisticated... I only used photobashing, and it was an extremely enriching exercise ! I hope you enjoy my work!

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I envisioned this model intended for the noble class of aristocrats, featuring elegant gold gilding, the presence of crystals and gemstones, as well as the use of marble on the handle. The idea of using crystals came from consulting the modern Wiccan movement (aka 'modern witches'), where these elements are omnipresent.

This weapon is used by hunters in the forest for tracking and defending private domains. Since magical weapons are expensive, this type of rifle has been passed down from generation to generation, which explains its poor condition. This rifle is quite patched up. 

The warm tones and the presence of gold, amber, and copper recall the sun, along with solar decorations on the handle. I wanted something inspired by celestial patterns, featuring designs reminiscent of either the Moon, the Sun, or the Stars. However, the decorations make it impractical for regular use, which is why it is used more during parades.

This assault rifle is used by the sorcerers' army and is made from the corpses of opponents. It is more industrial than the rest of this series and is based on necromantic magic. This weapon is primarily composed of decomposed bones and flesh of enemies. I wanted it to be repulsive and disturbing.

This gun is the most tribal of the series. It is decorated with ethnic jewelry and elements from various origins: pearls, leather, pendants...I had to look to Native American jewelry for inspiration to achieve this result. In the end, various ethnic inspirations influenced the final design (Native American, Tibetan, Hindu...)

This pistol has relatively low firepower and can be used in pagan rituals by sorcerers, combining the appropriate plants and flowers. It is quite common and mundane. The main inspiration for this weapon is the model used by the Brigmore witches in the game Dishonored by Arkane: a blend of firearms and plants.

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