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Traveller 2D/3D

Traveller 2D/3D

by JamesMGames on 29 Apr 2024

A prototype platformer in 2D and 3D, with time dilation.

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Travel 2D/3D is a gameplay prototype developed to fit a theme and audience. The theme given was "Travel, maybe interdimensionally", while the audience was left to my choosing. The optional "interdimensional" aspect inspired me to make use of Unreal 5's Paper2D system, with the core idea being that of a two-dimensional character taking a holiday in the third dimension. Each level would be set in a different location, with the aim being to guide this character through both 2D and 3D platforming sections to a given lookout point, from which they could take a photo as a souvenir.

An additional constraint was introduced during the project, that the prototype must also include some aspect of time manipulation in its gameplay, which prompted me to add collectable orbs to the demo level, which would slow down time (excluding the player) temporarily, using Unreal 5's time dilation system. This helped introduce an extra layer of gameplay, as the player character, 2D by default, is only afforded a limited time in 3D, returning to the last 2D space they were in once this time has elapsed. The time dilation then affords them more time to complete each 3D segment.

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