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Blair Cross
by geist2501 on 22 Jun 2019

A game engine ready MP5 asset, manufactured by Megatech (from GitS, just for flavor).

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Game Engine Ready MP5 .

I struggled a lot with this model. It was the first time I had a large amount of UVs to organise and I couldn't do it very well.

Made in Blender and textured in Substance Painter

I enjoyed using the new HardOps non-destructive workflow to create the highpoly. I can literally go back to it and changing anything. The base mesh was - and still is, technically - a cube. All the booleans are still live on it.

The individual panels and objects were grouped so that none of them in the same group were touching. This allowed me to bake by mesh name in Painter while not having a lot of objects and names to deal with.

I tried my best to give all the materials a bit of character - like making the 'bolt bit' more scraped and worn than everything else. I also tried to isolate flaking paint to where it made sense instead of relying on a smart mask all the time.

P.S. And YIKES my renders are far too small to be plastered across a screen, I'll know the next time.

(Above) Asset rendered in Unity.

(Below) Original 2K material that I was unsatisfied with (because I had just got in from work and couldn't be bothered making materials - so I just slapped some smart materials on, which sucks).

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