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Demoreel 2023/2024 - Rig/Anim

Demoreel 2023/2024 - Rig/Anim

Thomas Castellini
by ThomasCastellini on 21 Apr 2024

Here's my demoreel about my rig and anim projects as a 3D student in 2nd year at ESMA Toulouse :) Used songs : VDGL - Asphalte Électrique Clean Bandit - Rather Be

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How I made all of these projects :

Block of the throwing exercise :

Circuit Hero Rig and model made by Chonlawat Thammawan (Thanks !!)

Personal animation based on @pokemonmasterzo's Instagram "reel"

Longest animation I ever made

Thank you Alex Salmar for Gwen's Model and Rig.

Music : Rather Be - Clean Bandit

Block & Breakdowns

Gwen's Rig (not Mine)

Reference :

First human rig :

Demo of display geometry, global scale, foots movements, switch IKFK for the arm, fingers bend, and eyes movements : my first human rig works !!

First vehicle rig : Princess Peach Carriage in Mario Kart (Wii) : All the controllers :

Block and synchronized spline of the donkey run cycle

Model and Rig are not mine (Ruade movie)

Insect (Rosalie des Alpes) without compositing & wireframe

Insect (Rosalie des Alpes) Lookdev & wireframe

Hope you enjoyed my 2nd year Demoreel (Rig/Anim expertise) :)

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