Printer Workshop - Final Year project

Printer Workshop - Final Year project

Maëlle Gressé-Denois
by maellegdart on 17 Jun 2019

This last school project was about a workshop. I chose to present a printer workshop in 1750, right before the French Revolution. I wanted to show the role printers had during this famous historical event. Done in 3 weeks (+10h per day, from modeling to compositing) (Description of intention under both images)

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On this first framing I wanted to show the official aspect of the printer job. 

The censorship applies on the works produced by day. This scene takes place at dawn, symbol of the beginning of the french monarchy's fall. 

The camera shot on a top angle view and this framing gives a overview of the workshop. I firstly wanted to present the place where my character lives every day and the tools he uses for his work, which are : his desk, the papers and the main object the press right in the middle. 

On this second framing, I wanted to show all the clandestine aspect of my printer's job. 

Only candles and the moon rays are lighting his work and his place. The handwritten paper in the foreground shows a draft of a revolutionary article, which of course cannot be produced by day. On the left of the framing, there is a stamp stained by ink, used in the printing process to show the printer is working. 

The camera is on the table to invite the spectator to enter the privacy of the printer’s work. Everything seem taller and I wanted to give the sentiment of secret through this framing. 

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