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Lampbound Odyssey

Lampbound Odyssey

by donadelo on 18 Apr 2024

An escape game that was made by UQAT Montréal in collaboration with Virginia Tech University.

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Lampbound Odyssey is an escape game made by UQAT students, in collaboration with Virginia Tech University. 

The concept is the following: both players are in different rooms and they must communicate to complete puzzles. One player operates on a computer while the other must search for clues in a vintage-themed room.

The game will be presented at the end of May in Montréal, at UQAT. 

My participation in the project includes Sound Design, Puzzle Design, Marketing, and Documentation.

Here is a quick explanation of the puzzle I made: 

This puzzle, which is the second one in the game, is based on sound. To start, both players receive a phone call in which they hear a melody. Following the first puzzle, players have already been introduced to four signs representing the directions. One player has a list of music notes that correspond to these symbols. The other one (the one with the interface) is able to move a ghost around in an invisible labyrinth. The players must find the six moves that correspond to the melody to navigate the interface and reach puzzle 3. To help, one player has a xylophone on which he can try to replicate the notes. 

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