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Barnabas Tharmr's Armor - Final Fantasy XVI

Barnabas Tharmr's Armor - Final Fantasy XVI

José Prevot Satorre
by JosePSatorre on 17 Apr 2024

Here's my version of the armor of Barnabas Tharmr from Final Fantasy XVI. This is my first full armor 3D modeling project. Based on the cinematic model from the game, I did the modeling, the sculpt, the texturing and the rendering myself. Final Fantasy XVI's concepts and characters are the property of Square-Enix.

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My first project is a fan art of the armor of Barnabas Thramr, Odin's Dominant and an antagonist in Final Fantasy XVI, made by Square-Enix.

This is my first attempt at modeling plate armor, a very hard surface project and also my first of its kind.

My goals were to get as close as possible to the original model while being much more optimized. So my armor is 67,154 triangles and 5 maps of 2048x2048 to be able to ensure better rendering of materials in close view.

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