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Gears of Chaos

Gears of Chaos

Marina Quinart
by Minakorii on 16 Apr 2024

In this univers, robotic prosthesis help to develop human capacities without taking they humanity away. Our agents from the section "Geroas" fights against those who wants to abuse this system to subdue others.

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Gears of Chaos

SevenAI is kind with others, she take care of everyone. She is also flexible. 

SevenAI is stubborn during mission because she love to challenge herself. She want to improve her skills.

Cobalt is her acolyte. Both are from the same section.

He is cold with others and never run into a fight without a plan.

His design is the opposite of SevenAI.

First of all, Cobalt is taller and bigger compare to her. He is wearing an oversize pant while SevanAI is wearing a skin-tight outfit.

I used warm colors to constrast with SevenAI which is cooler than him. (Green, Turquoise, Black =/= Orange, Blue)

I swap the dynamic between those two. One use his legs and arms and the other fight with her gun.

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