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Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox

Estelle Rupprecht
by EstelleRupprecht on 13 Apr 2024

Creating a realist Fennec fox for my second year at ESMA

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This Fennec fox is my first real groom project! I already had the opportunity to learn about grooming with a bumblebee I made, but this fennec fox was defenitly more detailed.

I worked in Xgen interactive with guide curves to get the flow. 

This was also my first time working with Pixar's Renderman Marschnerhair. This shader was very difficult to understand at first, but after many trials I could get a much better results than with a classic PixarSurface.

Now I would love to try a wind simulation to make the hair move and create a few animated shots !

This project was made for my second year at ESMA

Modeling : Maya and Zbrush

Groom : Xgen Interactive

Texturing : Substance painter 3D and Renderman

Lighting & Texturing in Renderman

Compositing in Photoshop

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