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Genoveva Martinez Sanchez
by Gnowhoiam on 27 Mar 2024

Here I'll share my work from my final school projects. Deep Dark Waters is a survival horror, platformer with 3D visuals. I was in charge of the concept art of the game as well as the loading screens, video editing and animations.

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Update - 27 Mar 2024

Concept art of my final school project.

This is a 3D computer game of adventure and suspense. The main objective is to get rid of enemies, avoid obstacles and get specific items for the continuation of the story.

Frank, a worker of the oil company TALASA, is sent to work in a polluted sea pit. The TALASA company offers him a job offer to perform an exhaustive exploration of the seabed for oil.

As he goes along his journey, Frank comes across experiments, such as mutations between animals and humans, which the company has carried out in secret.

The protagonist's path is hindered by a series of events, including obstacles, creatures, silhouettes and the environment itself.

The ultimate goal of the game is to find incriminating evidence of the company's mutations and prevent it from continuing with this activity.

Here is the link to the game: 

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