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Bane's Buttefly

Bane's Buttefly

Matthew Belen
by Xyvyc on 27 Mar 2024

Sci-Fi Great Sword based on the Butterfly Knife's base design. Apart from it's normal use as a Great Sword, one may perform acrobatic feats leveraging on body movement to perform consistent and combo-based attacks. This makes this weapon both volatile and deadly.

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This project was done and posted on ArtStation last 2022 and I am reuploading it here to build my portfolio on Rookies.

My inspiration for this was a Butterfly Knife turned Great Sword. The idea was to perform acrobatic feats leveraging on body movement whilst dealing significant heavy and combo-based attacks.

For the workflow:

Went in with the standard high and low Poly approach. Exploded the outcome and proceeded to UV unwrap the low poly model then bake the details in. Texturing was next afterwards then rendering both in Blender and Marmoset Toolbag for the beauty shots as required by our curriculum at the time. 

Any feedback/suggestions will be much appreciated and would go a long way in helping me improve my craft!

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