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Silken Specter - Alien fashion project

Silken Specter - Alien fashion project

Imara van der Wel
by Imara on 24 Mar 2024

Digital Fashion project featuring a green silk dress and vintage tapestry corset made for fun using inspirational images from Pinterest and my alien muze avatar.

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Silken Specter - Alien fashion project

"In the dim glow of the forsaken space station, a figure draped in satin silk floated through the corridors, her feet never touching the cold metal floors. She was the Silken Specter, once a member of a formidable alien society, now lost between worlds, her presence as haunting as it was regal. She moved with an air of melancholy grace, seeking those brave enough to look beyond her intimidating looks and understand the silent plea woven into her spectral heart."

For this project I was inspired by this dress I found on Pinterest (brand unknown) and this render made by artist Harriet Blend on Instagram. Her work captures kind of ethereal/imposing vibes that I try to capture. She is a huge inspiration for my personal projects.

First I created the drapey silk dress with melting collar.

I tried a few different patterns until I came accross pattern shapes that worked for what I envisioned, the skirt basically became one big square with a hole in the middle for her waist.

The top was eventually spread out to allow the fabric room to drape down like a waterfall.

Then I created the corset.

The design and fabric is inspired by vintage tapestry fabric corsets.

While making this I focussed on making the seams look realistic, tapestry fabric is a bit bulkier than other fabrics so the seams won't stay flat like for example a calico cotton would do.

Lacing the corset was challenging, I first made the eyelets and then slowly laced every single lace through the holes making sure they went under/over correctly and weren't wiggling from collision when simulating.

Disclaimers and credits:

- Avatar from Daz3D packages (third party asset)
- Clothing made in Clo3D
- Rendered in CLO3D using the "neonsign" background stage object
- Vintage tapestry fabric print generated in Midjourney and enhanced with texture maps from cotton canvas

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